Expanding our self-requested testing range

The range of tests available to be purchased through our MyTests, self-request testing service, has been expanded giving people more choice so they can get the right test for them. 

“Getting a blood test is not only one of the most effective ways to check on our health; they also empower us to make informed decisions about many different aspects of our lives and well-being,” says Commercial Manager John Osborne.

“Blood and pathology testing supports preventative health care for New Zealanders. So, if people have more opportunity to access testing, they can monitor their health themselves, identify potential risks from illnesses and improve the likelihood of getting the right treatment quickly.”

John says through MyTests, people who are well can go online and select from a range of tests, without needing a referral from a doctor or medical professional.

“We have over 60 tests available on MyTests including full blood count, cholesterol, hepatitis serology and testosterone levels. It is about people being able to choose the test which is right for them. Once an order is placed, customers receive their test request form and can get their blood collected at one of our collection centres across the country. Results are emailed directly to them within days.”

We have listened to feedback from patients and taken this into account with the recently expanded range of testing on offer by providing group profiles. These group tests together to help the customer get more from their testing, rather than the customer having to pick the tests they think meet the health check they are seeking.”

The profiles and the tests included within each have been customised by our Chemical Pathologists and use the same high-quality testing that GPs and hospital specialists use, meaning you can trust the information is accurate and delivered through highly trained medical professionals, right here in New Zealand.

John says blood testing also plays a key role for those wanting to manage their overall wellness which impacts areas such as fitness and sports performance.

“Because our own blood is unique, it contains the biomarkers which give insights and understanding into how our bodies are functioning and inform what steps we can take to increase performance.”

“Blood testing can give us information to identify whether we are getting the right nutrients and vitamins, if our levels of white blood cells and cortisol are helping reduce stress and fatigue, build muscle and support injury recovery.”   

“By further opening the front door to laboratory testing, Awanui continues to make it easier and accessible for people to get their blood tested. Through MyTests, people who are well can monitor their health, which reduces the pressure on our doctors and medical professionals and the public health system.”

“Our team do not offer medical advice to patients. However, we advise patients to discuss unexpected results with their healthcare providers if there are any concerns, so they can get the correct treatment and care they need.”

“Overall, we continue delivering better outcomes for our people, communities, and the health sector.” says John.

Blood collection can be done at any of our 151 collection centres nationwide, and are processed and reported from one of our 20 IANZ accredited laboratories. Our laboratories hold accreditation against ISO 15189:2012 as a medical testing laboratory service.

ISO 15189:2012 is an international standard for competence and quality in medical laboratories. It is applied by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

You can find more information on MyTests at www.mytests.co.nz

A registered healthcare provider has specific training and experience in interpreting results in conjunction with any clinical signs and symptoms, and therefore our laboratories do not provide any interpretation services for results on self-requested tests. 

If you require support to interpret results, or need a diagnosis, we recommend you seek advice from a registered healthcare provider.

The service offered by MyTests is currently restricted to defined range of tests for those 16 years and over.

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