Laboratory forum to focus on patient-centred services 

CoLab 2023

On September 25-26, leaders from across the laboratory and health sectors will meet in Wellington as Co:Lab returns for its fourth year.  

Since the first forum in 2020, Co:Lab has been established as a leading Australasian forum for both public and funded laboratory providers to explore and discuss the trends, challenges and changes shaping the diagnostic laboratory sector.   

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Patient Centred Laboratory Services’ which recognises patients are at the centre of everything we do. 

Traditionally the laboratory has served the health care provider, rather than directly with the patient, however as we see healthcare evolve, we have an opportunity to get closer to our patients and interact with them in new ways.

This year, we’ll explore actionable insights and strategies to tailor laboratory and pathology services around the individual, ensuring comprehensive care and improved health outcomes for all New Zealanders. 
The discussions will include the importance of understanding our patients and how they want to interact with our services, delivering services to hard-to-reach communities, and looking offshore for opportunities to do things better.   

During the event, speakers and delegates from New Zealand and Australia will share their insights, experience and strategies on building laboratory and pathology services around patients and whānau.  

This event is proudly hosted and organised by the Awanui Group, but only possible through the support of our sponsors who enable us to bring international and professional speakers to the forum.  

Co:Lab sells out every year and this year will be no different. Early bird tickets are now available. Visit for more information.  

Co:Lab 2024 is being held at Wellington’s Harbourside Function Centre, 4 Taranaki Street, from 25 –26 September.  

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