A few minutes with the Prime Minister

A few minutes with the Prime Minister

This week, Awanui CEO Anoop Singh and Head of Strategic Business Development Trevor English were in Wellington and had the opportunity to have a chat with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

In between talking about the impending weather situation hitting the Capital, Trevor and Anoop took the chance to discuss with the Prime Minister some of the work going on across the pathology and laboratory network, and to reinforce just how important the testing sector is to our healthcare system.

Anoop says, “It was great to speak with the Prime Minister and have a chance to talk about our work and the industry. One thing the pandemic has done is shine a light on the extent of the work that goes on in testing laboratories up and down the country.”

“Most of the people I speak with, politicians included, are surprised by the fact that over 25,000 New Zealanders interact with the Awanui network’s laboratory service network every single day, and that 70% of clinical decisions and 100% of cancer diagnosis is performed by pathology laboratories.”

“From the day we are born, we rely on pathology to detect, diagnose and prevent infection, allergies, chronic diseases, cancers and countless other medical conditions. Our staff have played a crucial role in supporting hospitals and communities for over sixty years, and we’re in an excellent position to support the delivery of better health outcomes for all New Zealanders.”

“The health system certainly has some significant and favourable changes on the horizon in order for it to work for everyone, and we are excited about meeting those challenges alongside Health NZ and the Māori Health Authority.”

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