Making the difference through phlebotomy – Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark

As part of Phlebotomist Recognition Week 2023, we spoke to Jasmine Clark on what she loves about her job, caring for people, and what might be next.

“I am coming up to six months in my job and before this I was studying biology and chemistry at Te Kura. My Mum helped me a lot, but it’s extramural so you have to learn everything yourself, and along with boxing for Nelson, I didn’t stop for three years. I got all my levels at Te Kura, and after a couple of years working, I joined Awanui.

Ever since I was young, I have really enjoyed caring for people, and especially since my Nana passed away when I was ten. Working at Awanui, I have learnt I can make a real difference to people every day and it such a great part of my job. And I am also fascinated by blood.

As a phlebotomist, you are helping people feel safe, loved and valued. People may not always feel this way out in the community, so you are making a difference, even if it is just listening. I often found making conversation difficult as a child, but I have lots of conversations now, and this has really helped my people skills.

You are part of someone’s journey in this job. Some patients come into the centre each week, and others you have never met before, but the trust they put in you, and what they feel able to tell you, is awesome. I didn’t expect to see some of our patients so often and we can see up to 60 patients a day. We make people feel they have a friend in the health system, and I think this is a massive step for people in our community. And for them to put their trust in a young Māori girl like me.

I should also say I work with amazing staff, who turn up every day, and give 100 percent. They set the standard for people coming into our organisation and the team at my collection centre have inspired me to work hard.

What’s next? I am starting the Diploma in Applied Sciences offered through APHG’s Learning & Capability programme, and I am looking forward to it. I think I might be one of the first in my centre to enrol, and it will set me up to be a lab technician, maybe in biochemistry. One day I may look going into nursing. I am not quite sure what’s in store, but it’s great to get these opportunities, and helping as many people as possible.”

Head of Department Patient Services, Monique Hagenson, says Jasmine brings a real element of fun to her role as a Trainee Phlebotomist.

“Our patients have really taken a shine to her, and along with her caring nature, Jas displays all the qualities of a great phlebotomist. She blends well into our tight knit team and offers a dedicated and hardworking attitude.

We are looking forward to supporting Jasmine as she begins her ARA Diploma in March this year and I’m excited for her to benefit from the extra knowledge she will learn. I believe Jas will continue to become even more confident in her role and expect to see great things in the future for Jas.

Thank you Jas for being a part of our team and so invested in your role as you deliver a really wonderful service to your patients.”

Interested in phlebotomy?

Our phlebotomists are trained to provide excellent customer service and high quality care to our patients. Our staff take tens of thousands of patient samples over a day, across our 150 collection rooms. Our phlebotomist also provide collection services at people’s homes, in hospitals, rest homes, corrections facilities and some doctors surgeries.

Many of our phlebotomists have no formal training when they start with us, just great customer service skills and a desire to help others. In time, you will need to achieve your Qualified Medical Laboratory Technician (Phlebotomy) certification, and we will support you through that process. Keep an eye out for vacancies here.”

Trainee Phlebotomist Jasmine Clark

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